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 Don't be so Quick to Give Away Your Bar

We offer you an alternative to the Private Venues that service High costs to your Guests and you get none of the profits.
We work in Public Venues under Special Occasions Licensing or Private Properties where licensing is not needed. You control the Liquor, any drink charges to your Family and Friends, with you keeping all the profits to apply to your expenses or right into that Honeymoon Account.

Did You Know? For as little as $4.00 per drink this can cover your Bar Cost & Bartender with money in your pocket.Talk to us about options you may not of thought of and a better way of financing your Event.

More About Us…

See "Package Event Services" for further service options

Rates & Service

Free Consultation,  Event Planning, Resources, Consult for  licensing application.

Labor Rate - $30.00 per hr. / 4 hour min. Two hours are required for  Set-up and Clean up 

Bar Service Charge  - $50.00 Includes Bar Kit (utilities) Chill Bins, Linen, decor and 2 - 20 lbs bags of ice  / Security Deposit / $50.00 / 100.00
                  We propose one Bartender for 75-100 people

See "Package Event Services" for further service options