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Sex on the Beach

Process: Built
Glass: Viva Grande
Ingred & Prep: IIG, 3/4 oz. Vodka, 3/4 oz. Peach Schnapps, 2 oz Pineapple juice, 2 oz Cranberry juice
Garnish: Fruit stick / Straw

Mexican Iced Tea

Process: Built
Glass: Sling
Ingred & Prep: IIG, 1oz. Tequila, 1/2oz. Melon, fill with 7-up & lime juice
Garnish: Lime slice / Straw

Alabama Slammer

Process: Built
Glass: Footed Highball
Ingred & Prep: IIG, 1oz. Southern Comfort, 1oz. Amaretto, fill with o.j.
Garnish: Fruit stick / Straw

Iced Cappacino

1/3 ice in blender
1oz. Kahlua
1/2 oz. Dark Creme de Cacao
1/2 oz. Amaretto

Add milk until ice is saturated - blend it up
Serve in a tall glass - hurricane if you got it.

Garnish with a cherry sword, spiral of whip cream on side of
the glass with a chocolate covered coffee bean in the whip cream and a big thick straw.
Harvey T. Wallbanger

Process : Built
Glass : FH
Ingred & prep : IIG, 1oz. Vodka, fill with o.j; float 1/3oz galliano
Garnish : FS/S
Black Russian

Process: Built
Glass: Footed Rock
Ingred & prep: 1/2 IIG, 1oz Vodka, 1/3 oz Kahlua
Garnish: Straw

 Individual Specialty Courses

Due to over whelming requests, we are offering a range of specialty classes designed to suit everyone. Everything from the very basic to more complex and specialized drinks. These classes run from 6:30 -9:30 pm on a Friday night. Please refer to the School of Bartending for upcoming dates and featured courses. In these courses, some components require the use of liqueurs and spirits; therefore we require proof of age when registering. Must be 19 years and older. (see Course Schedule for times and Course Requirements)

Mixed Drinks (3 hours)
In this class we go through the very basics of creating drinks. We use recipes that are easy to make in any type of setting. We will go through a hands-on program to familiarize the beginner with the basic equipment and pouring techniques used by professional bartenders. With guided instruction, you will learn how to pour exact proportions, learn the secrets to Proper Garnishing drinks, and build your confidence when preparing cocktails and hiballs. We also go through a listing of recipes to practice the techniques learned. This class is perfect for those of you who may have tasted certain mixed drinks and always wanted to learn how to make them.
No prerequisite for course.
Items needed for class are: Pen & paper - to take notes (see Course Schedule for times and Course Requirements)

Shaken or Stirred (3 hours)
This course is designed to introduce the equipment used by professional bartenders. There are many different preparation methods used to create cocktails and in this class you will go through the procedures for two of the methods. We cover stirring methods and practice some lairing. Learn the very popular method - shaking it up! This method is used in creating drinks such as: Grasshopper, Mai Tai, and the Velvet Hammer. Our instructor will take you through the process of using this equipment step by step, with hands - on training. You will practice making a variety of recipes and learn the tricks of the trade. We will also uncover the secret for making an exceptional tasting Martini and some of the common mistakes made when preparing them.
Whether you are using this for preparing drinks at home or out at a gathering with friends, someone is bound to be impressed by how skillfully you can prepare a drink once you've taken this class.
No prerequisite
Items needed for class: Pen & Paper - to take notes. (see Course Schedule for times and Course Requirements)

Blender Blitz (3 hours)
Popular in the warmer months, this class will show you how to perfect the cool summer specialties. This course is designed to recreate the drinks you love so much when it's hot outside but still great throughout the year.. We go through the basic steps with your average home blender and show you how to get the smooth icy taste of drinks like the Margarita, Daiquiri, and Pina Colada.
No prerequisite for this class.
Items needed for this class: Pen & paper to take notes.(see Course Schedule for times and Course Requirements)

Hot Creations (3 hours)
Preferred in the cool months, this class covers a range of drink styles to help warm up your body in the chill of the evening. We take you step by step through the basic processes of creating your favorite hot drinks. We will cover drinks like the Monty Cristo, Spanish Coffee, and the Hot Toddy. We'll discover the methods bartenders use to make those drinks taste so good, that you just want to have another!
No prerequisites for this class.
Items needed for this class: Paper and a pen.

Bonus Material
Shooters & Garnishes
When you sign up for our classes, you will receive this instructional material as a bonus. In this addition, we cover a range of garnishing techniques used by professionals. Our instructor will take you through all the prep and cutting procedures used to add that extra special touch to the drinks you make at home. Later we cover the methods used to make eye catching and extremely tasty shooters. We'll discuss the different liqueurs used in making the shooters and the flavors that the liqueurs lend to add that extra something. A shooter list is provided and we make some very nice tasting shots.

Instructors Note: A word to the wise - real alcohol is used for demonstration and tasting in all these courses, so you may want to plan ahead and ask someone to drive you home after. Designated drivers are welcome to sit in free of charge.

From the School Director…

Coming in the Future
Cottage Brewing Industry
We are looking for the expertise to present you this popular informational course. The Craft Beer Industry has taken the country by storm and is now the fastest growing alcohol associated industry of the decade. It is our goal to offer this to you in the near future. Watch in time for this and mush more information and training opportunities to come

We are taking registrations now at our new
Location at the
Travelodge Hotel