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Bartending Workshops
Speciality Course Information and schedule

These classes are 1 session 3 hours long. This workshop teaches you the fundamentals of pouring drinks, bar terminology, blending, lairing and creative Garnishing. All course supplies and reference material are included. We use real alcohol in these workshops so please make alternate transportation to arrive home safely.

We try to offer a workshop each month but encourage small groups to reserve their own time and selection. Course fee is $ 50.00 each paid at event date - (50% deposit at registration to reserve seat in class) deposit is non refundable if cancelled within the last week. Class times are - Evenings - 6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. Call Joe The Bartender Ltd. @ 382-2315, for the next workshop dates.


Course information is listed under the Speciality Course heading

Speciality groups and private events can be aranged on alternate nights through the School Director.
Call for appointment @ 250 382-2315

See us in our NEW LOCATION at the TRAVELODGE HOTEL 229 Gorge Road East

 250 382-2315
Monday - Saturday 9 - 5

Mixed Drinks (3 hours)
In this class we go through the very basics of creating drinks. We will go through a hands-on program to familiarize the beginner with the basic equipment and pouring techniques used by professional bartenders. You will learn how to pour exact proportions, learn the secrets to Proper Garnishing drinks, and build your confidence when preparing cocktails and hiballs. This class is perfect for those of you who may have tasted certain mixed drinks and always wanted to learn how to make them.

Shaken or Stirred (3 hours)
There are many different preparation methods used to create cocktails and in this class you will go through the procedures for two of the methods. We cover stirring methods and practice some lairing. Learn the very popular method - shaking it up! This method is used in creating drinks such as: Grasshopper, Mai Tai, and the Velvet Hammer. You will also uncover the secret for making an exceptional tasting Martini and some of the common mistakes made when preparing them.

Blender Blitz (3 hours)
This course is designed to recreate the drinks you love so much when it's hot outside but still great throughout the year.. We go through the basic steps with your average home blender and show you how to get the smooth icy taste of drinks like the Margarita, Daiquiri, and Pina Colada.

Hot Creations (3 hours)
This class covers a range of drink styles to help warm up your body in the chill of the evening. We take you step by step through the basic processes of creating your favorite hot drinks. We will cover drinks like the Monty Cristo, Spanish Coffee, and the Hot Toddy. We'll discover the methods bartenders use to make those drinks taste so good, that you just want to have another!

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