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229 Gorge Road E in the Travelodge Hotel

Our new location hase forced us to redesigned our Bartending classes to now teach individual Speciality workshops to those interested in learning how to entertain their guests, learn how to properly mix drinks, create new signature creations, and learn about the properties of alcohol, pouring methods, lairing, blends and mixes. The entire course is (3) three hours in duration.
These workshops involve tasting real alcohol so alternate transportation arrangements will be required for those participating. Make it a date night, bring a small group, make our place that fun night with friends and learn how to make your favourite drinks.

This courses gives you the knowledge, and practical skills to serve responsably
Learn more of what the course covers...(Speciality Course Information) Course fee: $ 50.00 registration - (50% paid in advance and non refundable if canceled within one week )

These costs are subject to change without notice. Class times are - Evenings - 6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m.

For any further information please call Joe The Bartender Ltd @ 250 382-2315.

 250 382-2315
Monday - Saturday 9 - 5
The purpose of this Serving it Right 
exercise is to give you a typical problem scenario. Using your knowledge of Serving it Right, B.C. liquor laws, and exceptional customer service skills
 You are a bartender in a pub ~ you have served an individual 6 drinks in 3 hours. This customer has been sitting at your bar the whole time. Very friendly and talkative, not bothering anyone. This person attempts to get up to use the washroom and is visibly stumbling and weaving when walking. When your customer gets back from the washroom, this person proceeds to sit back up at the bar and order another drink from you. What do you do?
You are a bartender at a pub ~ An individual comes in and seems sober. You serve this person 1 gin & tonic - single. At the time of ordering, this person is quiet and polite and takes a seat at the bar alone. After one drink the individual, begins to wander around the bar, and people are complaining about this person bothering them. This customer isn't violent or nasty, just lonely and looking for someone to talk to. The other customers are not looking for someone to talk to them. What do you do?
Due to over whelming requests, we are offering a range of classes designed to suit everyone.
Everything from the very basics to more complex and specialized drinks

Check out our Speciality Courses. Bartend like a pro at your next party!!!

We teach you Drink Recipes and Pour Methods